About us

Our story and the values we stand on

English-Czech Primary and Secondary School

With love and respect, we guide children towards an amazing future and, together with you, we unlock the door to reach their maximum potential.

Our story

We are wife and husband, Lucie and Josef Liška, and we founded the Global Minded school together. It was important to us that our 4 children had the best conditions for their optimal development, and that they felt at school like at home. We believe we made it!

Our dream has come true and we are now happy to take care of:

💡 another 120 children, who we know each of them as our own

💡 a wonderful team of teachers who became our close friends

💡 and 16 animals that we provide with a happy place to live

We put the best of us into our project. We don’t stick to templates and do things the way we perceive them to be right. This is what sets us apart from other schools and is also the reason why we look forward to seeing the children every day.

Our values

They are essential for us. Preparedness, high level of education, ability to adapt, focus, personal development…

We stand behind everything we do for our children. With the best of consciousness, we work daily to be ready for the future and for the changes that may come unexpectedly. We purposefully expand the children’s skill set, while constantly making sure that they feel comfortable. It is important for us that the children know that they are at home here. That everything is all right and that they can feel safe here, both in the physical sense of the word, of course, and in the soul.

One of our main pillars are teachers. Before joining us they go through challenging hiring process and a set of psychological tests. They share our beliefs and meet specific criteria. In short, we surround ourselves with exceptional people we can trust and rely on.

Every child has a talent

And in many areas. It is our pleasure and a daily gift to search, find and develop talents in children together with you. We focus on what children are best at. We direct energy there, and it subsequently grows and becomes stronger. We don’t aimlessly try to catch up on imperfections, and we don’t grade children for their performance. We work with error and gain experience from that. The children consult the whole process with the teacher.

We know very well that a talented athlete has completely different requirements than a promising chemist. All the teachers know this. Each member of the team knows all the children personally, even if they are not teaching them. By the way, there are only 8 children per teacher in our school. This allows the teacher to give everyone maximum attention.

How the children expresses themselves, what they are good at, what they can do, what they like, what stresses them out – this is what shifts us away from traditional education, and in our eyes this means a truly individual approach.

We perceive children’s development, focus on details and live the change. We believe in prevention and work systematically.

Express your own opinion

We ask the children. Constantly.

We are interested in your opinion, so I will create a situation and an environment where you can tell me.

Your opinion counts. You can make a difference.

Education is yours.

The world is yours.

You are not a passive participant, you are a creator. You influence what happens to you.

With us, children choose trips, activities, clubs… We respect their choice and are their partners in dialogue, not superiors or an artificially created authority. The feedback from the student to the teacher is just as important for us as the feedback from the teacher to the student.

Our goal is life as success

We are result-oriented and we work on practical life skills with the children. It is not just about the child being happy, they have to have the door open to the future. Our children have a very good education and great people around them. The environment is completely bilingual (English-Czech). We do not teach the language, we teach in the language (so-called learning by immersion).

Children are the most precious thing we have.

Their joy is our joy.

Their education is our priority.

Give them a good foundation for a life of success. Give them the education they really deserve.

We are Global Minded, welcome!