I want to work for you

Who we are?

We are a private Czech-English primary school and we are based in Prague 6. And we have been doing so for 6 years. But there are more than 6 of us and we welcome new colleagues to our ranks.

The existing ones say about us that we are not a school that is looking for non-teachers. We rely on our people being educated, knowledgeable about the world and original. We surround ourselves with people of intelligence, talent, joy of life and overlap on multiple levels. People who know what they want and are passionate about helping our children find their path.

Working with us makes a lot of sense and you will always have a lot of space to use something of yourself. Motivate, support and lead by example.

We have teachers who have already tried something and they really value their work and opportunities with us, and we value them. Are you excited to be here with us?

What do we offer you?

  • We can adapt the terms of cooperation to your needs to your satisfaction, ours, and of course the children’s and parents’ satisfaction.
  • Our classroom teacher earns an average of 45-50,000 CZK net per month.
  • You can use a company car, a laptop, or have a place in our bilingual kindergarten for your own child.
  • We always have good coffee, tea and excellent chocolate available for you. 😊
  • We like to work with our people so that they are happy, know that they are important to us and the children, and progress both personally and professionally. We will support you in personal development, work on yourself, in the areas of communication, respectful approach, bilingual education, or leadership. We also implement foreign internships, and you can also propose yourself in which area you want to grow. We will be happy if we can help.

Now for some organization…

  •  We always teach from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. In our school, the classroom teacher is in the classroom 3 days a week and prepares for lessons 2 days. A tandem teacher supports the children on a daily basis.
  • The bell rang. We work within integrated blocks, moving from activity to activity and subject to subject. So the subjects are intertwined. You have the time and capacity for the important things. Whether it is the completion of ideas and projects, or the completion of logical units.
  • The classroom teacher always forms a mini-team with the tandem teacher, at the same time collaborating and communicating closely with the native English speaker. He teaches some subjects on days when the teacher is not teaching. Therefore, open cooperation, fine-tuned interplay and also a good knowledge of English are essential.
  • We apply self-assessment and verbal assessment of children.
  • Leave all the organization to us. You don’t have to explain, justify or convince someone about your work. You have our unrelenting and constant support in communicating with parents.

… and our tools

  • In the online times, we managed the learning in MS Teams, and we continue to work with them also in the framework of face-to-face and hybrid education.
  • We use Edupage as the school’s system of communication with families and reporting.
  • We also run various educational programs for children on school iPads. Of course, in moderation. After all, we prefer to be here and now.

We may be looking for you if:

  • If you have passion and conviction.
  • If you have a really positive relationship with children and want to give them the best.
  • If you have energy and don’t stop at the first obstacle.
  • If you are capable, talented, resilient. Or capable, talented and resilient, of course. 😊
  • If you are a renaissance personality and learning is the meaning of your life.
  • If you are an inspiration and motivation for others to be better. It’s not just about learning. We are looking for diamonds. Even the unprocessed ones.
  • If you have an overlap and bring enthusiasm for the cause.
  • If you are persistent and want to stay with us for a longer period of time. We prefer marathoners to sprinters.
  • If you are open and direct communication is the right way for you.

And what else?

Get in touch with us. Anytime, even during the school year.

Send your resume to bestteachers@global-minded.cz and if we like it, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

You will have one or two trial days, after which we will decide together whether you would be comfortable in the class and in our arrangement. We will talk about what it was like and give you feedback from colleagues and children.

It also includes a psychological test. Based on it, you will again receive personal feedback, regardless of whether we continue together or not. It is important for us to know why and how you make decisions. The interaction is transparent and we are always very open. That’s what we rely on. We’ll talk about the result, we’ll tell each other if it fits.

It will be tuned based on the information in the document

We create superior and fair conditions that are not available anywhere else on the market. But we also want things that no one else on the market wants.

Every teacher is truly evaluated, on multiple levels. We want education to look different. We set the trends, you can too.

Be a part of our school.

Be part of our success.

Be part of the amazing Global Minded.

We are currently looking for…

Mathematics teacher for the second grade