Primary school

Our team

We take great care to surround ourselves with strong personalities and people who, in our eyes, embody trust and openness. Our team means variety, experience and joy of learning. Teachers are children’s partners, not artificially created authorities.

We surround ourselves with the best available in the world market. Intelligent people who carry the same values as ourselves. Specialist teachers, experts in their field and our friends – while teaching is a significant factor, but not the most important. Most important is humanity and intrinsic motivation.

We bring colleagues from abroad and sometimes we have up to two years of “courtship”. We pay close attention to all applicants and spend time with them. They chat with us, go through trial days, psychological tests and the children also have their say on whether they will stay with us. We ask them about their opinion and how they enjoy working with their new teacher during the lesson.

We don’t just hire based on ads. We have our own methods to monitor the market. We search for places where we can meet specific people we are interested in and whose work we follow for a long time.

How we teach

We unlock the world for children

We are a private elementary school with a focus on bilingual education. Together with you, we develop children’s greatest talents, guide them to responsibility and independent decision-making. We prepare them for a life in success.

Because we…

🔑 … teach in two languages. We like to use so-called action learning. We learn from experiences. We let the children intuitively describe what they are working on and what they are currently experiencing. Excursions and events, which the children decide for themselves, form a significant part of our education.

🔑 We are an accredited school. We focus on languages and science as well as teaching mathematics. And we are good at it. But that is not the only thing that matters at Global Minded.

🔑 Independence is one of our fundamental pillars. Taking responsibility for yourself, your education and your life. We teach to believe in success.

🔑 We have a truly individual approach to children. We know what that means. We do not give grade. We carefully examine the potential of each child and then do everything to fulfill it as much as possible.

🔑 Every month, parents have an online consultation with teachers. Just about your child. From higher classes onwards, children are then present themselves and feedback is directed directly to them.

🔑 Hybrid teaching is also part of our concept. If the child cannot come to meet his friends at school in person, we will connect him to classes online.

Our premises

Prague 6. A place where nature meets the city. A place where the singing of birds and rustling of trees above our roof is more important than engines and heavy machinery. The building is discreet from the outside, but inside is our kingdom. This is the most important thing, and our children know this. The school belongs to us. All of us. At the same time, if we say ours, we really mean ours. That’s why we want to constantly develop it and take care of it. We are proud of our exclusive environment, easy accessibility and a family atmosphere that can be felt from every part of the house.

Well, it’s not just a house. It’s home.