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We receive and give money

We help because we can thanks to you

We have been thinking for a very long time about whether to put this section on our website. We believe we made the right decision. It is important that we are transparent and fair to parents who want to send their child to our school. We rely on it.

Therefore, here you will find subsidy programs that help us build the best school and facilities for your children. You can also see here a list of charity projects that we are happy to contribute to. And that is thanks to the parents whose children come to us. We don’t want to pull out. Many of the organizations we contribute to as a husband and wife don’t even have Global Minded on their website. We do it because we can, and helping others comes naturally to us.

We consider it important to mention those essential projects if only to make sure that you agree with us on this level as well. We also see the sponsorship part as a great opportunity to introduce individual projects to you and give you the opportunity to help, even if you were really only on our website by chance. For each of the organizations, we ask for this, and at the same time, we thank you.

Cesta domů

do you know If not, you are one of the lucky ones who haven’t had to use their services yet. It is an organization that aims to accompany individuals at the end of their lives and guide their loved ones through this difficult period. Extremely meritorious work. On the way home, we contribute to the operation, publishing books on the theme of death, etc. We have been working together for years. We also have an extensive library section with these circuits in various forms. Thanks to the Way Home for that.

Nadace Dobrý anděl

Since the foundation of the organization in 2012. We are one of the proud, now almost 150,000, regular donors. We deeply bow to the founders of the foundation, agree with them in many things and rejoice at how many people contribute through the Good Angel. We know that every crown of ours goes to someone here.

Fandi mámám

Because there’s only one mom, and because she doesn’t always have it easy. And because every mom wants the best for her children, just like us. As a mother, I perceive this topic very intensely and it resonates strongly with me. We work together, we regularly support specific mothers and children, we also buy merch, which we use to spread awareness about this project and gift it to our colleagues, suppliers and clients…

Dům tří přání

Children, parents and families in trouble have a refuge right here and a guarantee that they will get help. And that on the spot, in the field, or even as part of the residential service. Last great act? Opening of the Mental Health Center for Children and Youth from Prague.

Člověk v tísni

We choose the organization and the direction we will go. We prefer those that lead to the independence of families and children for more and more help. We also buy gifts here as part of the Real Gift project. How about a goat, a chicken or maybe a blackboard? As you wish…

… and then all those who occasionally turn to us for help. We change lives. Not just in education. We also donate bionic limbs, braces, glasses, or driver’s licenses for children from orphanages. We like to help, it makes sense and gives absolutely concrete results. Thank you again for being with us.

For Global Minded

Lucie a Josef