Enrollment in 1st grade

Do you want to join Global Minded?

Contact us at info@global-minded.cz. We will find a date for your personal or online visit of the school. As part of this visit, you will be introduced to the school’s values, approach, methodology and premises. You will meet the school management in person so that you can be sure of your decision and can ask everything you are interested in.

Criteria and enrollment process to Grade 1 of Primary school:

Part of enrollment process to the Grade 1 is an interview with the student’s parents. We use this opportunity to verify the consistency of your and our approach to education and raising children. It is important for us to understand each other.

We enroll in priority children from Tetty preschool, as they relate to each other conceptually and in terms of values, provide children with the same level of individual care and support, and share the same approaches and educational starting points

The same goes for children whose older sibling will be in a higher grade here at the time the child enters Global Minded Primary School.

For the 2023/24 school year, we will accept 10 students in the 1st grade.

School visits and interviews with parents will take place from October 2022 to January 2023 based on individually agreed dates.

Enrollment will take place in April 2023