TETTY preschool

The first step towards education in the right direction

🐬 To the Global Minded family, as well as to our hearts, belongs the little sister of our school – Tetty preschool. Despite the fact that she is an older sister, we teach younger children here. We take care of joy from 2 to 7 years of age, and we work with the same principles and are guided by the same values as in our primary school. English-Czech teaching is a matter of course for us, as is conscious work with each child’s personality, which we can develop here.

🐧 We have been building Tetty preschool for 13 years, and it was right here that we gathered the greatest experience, searched for, and most importantly found, ways and solutions. It was in here that we began to fulfill our and children’s dreams and visions. In the story that we start together with you, we then continue here – at Global Minded primary school.

🦈 Children who attend our Tetty preschool have the best prospects for continuing their studies at Global Minded and other elementary schools with the highest standards. Moreover, they know us well, are used to how we work with them and enjoy our joint success. Thank you that you know as well how important it is to unlock your children’s maximum potential at an early age.

We are more than a preschool. Together we welcome an amazing future and build the best possible foundation for a truly successful life.

The service itself and its quality sets us apart from others. If you want to learn more about Tetty preschool, we will be happy if you look directly at the preschool’s website: