Secondary school

Our team

If the selection process of teachers for the Primary school is a long-distance race in our eyes, the selection process of the right people for the Secondary school is a marathon. The original one – in full armor. Yes, sometimes our teachers teach at both schools, but we expect a little more from those who teach at the Secondary.

They are not only our friends and family but also partners in the truest sense of the word. Our Secondary works in startup mode, where its teachers are an active part and build it together with us. It creates the very structure and brings the values that are needed as children grow and the world changes in their eyes. They are builders and bearers of knowledge that they are happy to share and pass on.

Here, too, we learn from experience. We play with concepts, test them and change them on the go if necessary. We can adapt and know what is important. We use a complex hiring process to select personalities who will stay with us for a long time. They taught at top schools before coming to GM and according to them they are teaching at the best school right now. We count on them for other projects, for example, we are aiming to start a grammar school with them. We are proud that they, together with you, have the opportunity to find and develop the potential and talents of your children to the absolute maximum.

How we teach

We show children opportunities

✌️ We teach children how to see the world in context. Subjects are blended, we discuss current events. At one moment, for example, in relation to a specific event, children are looking for relevant resources and working with information from the entire planet, comparing, discussing… Next, they are learning how to sprout legumes or shape boards with a saw. Then they use these to build shelves and observe how the wood works over time.

✌️ We combine teaching into meaningful units and focus on detail and context. After all, we start with this already in our Tetty kindergarten, and we continue the trend throughout the duration of the studies.

✌️ We are able to accommodate even children with the most demanding individual plans. That is why we have exceptional athletes, promising scientists, or children focused on the artistic direction. We applaud culture and support sports. We adapt to the rhythm of each of them, so individual approach really means individual approach in our case.

✌️We are dedicated to languages and the development of communication, not only at the linguistic level. Two and a half days are taught in Czech, one and a half day in English and one day in Spanish or German. Including natural sciences and mathematics. We don’t teach languages. We teach in the language.

✌️ Parents have regular online consultations with teachers. Children are present themselves and feedback is directed directly to them.

✌️ Hybrid education is also part of our concept. If the child cannot come to meet his friends at school in person, he can join them online.

Our premises

The Secondary is located in Prague 6 – Podbaba. The biggest benefits are therefore the beauty of the local nature, the bank of our majestic Vltava river and amazing accessibility. There is a railway, of course buses and trams, but you can also come by ferry or by boat. At the same time, this place provides us with rare opportunities for the realization of our visions and overall development.

We care a lot about the facilities and take good care of our premises. From the Primary, the Secondary is only a few minutes’ walk away, and specifically three minutes on our electric scooter. Children are happy here. As well as everyone who takes credit for creating this amazing environment.

And how does it look for us?