Tuition Fees

School year 2023/24

The annual tuition fee is CZK 250,000.

The amount includes:

⭐︎ Complete educational program in Czech and English

⭐︎ Textbooks and notebooks

⭐︎ Meals, i.e. morning snacks and lunch, or options for a diet lunch

⭐︎ Insurance

The annual tuition fee is payable in two installments (June, January). In justified cases and after prior agreement, it is possible to divide tuition fees into several installments. We will accommodate you.

The reservation fee is CZK 15,000. This is deducted from the first tuition payment.

Tuition is increased annually by at least the inflation of the previous calendar year (according to official data from the CZSO).

Family, extracurricular activities and clubs and trips/outings/stays are optional and are paid for separately.