Multilingual Secondary school at Global Minded

For your children to have all doors open.

Wondering where to go from fifth grade? What if...

 Is your child talented?

 Are you looking for a multilingual school and inspiring teachers?  

 Child was not accepted to Secondary school of your choice?

 Your child needs more time to mature?

☞ You want to have your door open to any Secondary school?

☞ You want individual approach?

Multi-lingual Secondary at GM will meet your expectations

✔   We are a Czech-English school. From the 6th grade, we add teaching in a third language.

✔  We aim for success in life

✔  We develop each individual talent

✔  We teach in context and in a respectful way

✔  We teach in professional campaigns, with an emphasis on real use

✔  We offer safe and stimulating environment

✔  We prepare children for entrance exams and language tests


Allow your the joy of life and meaningful learning  

at multi-lingual Global Minded Secondary in Prague 6 ❤.

Languages will pave the way for success for your children. Individual approach will unlock their talent.

☞  We teach in the language, not the language. We rely on native speakers and communication.

☞  Two and a half days we teach in Czech, one and a half days in English.

 From 6th grade we add a day in Spanish or German.

 We can accommodate children with the most demanding individual plan

 We raise young scientists, athletes and artists. We adapt to their rhythm

☞  We encourage children to think in context.

☞  We discuss current events, look for sources of information, discuss.

 We offer hybrid education: if the child cannot attend school, we connect him/her online.

 Parents and children have regular online meetings with teachers

Come to meet us and experience Global Minded!

Transfer is possible at any time, with the beginning of the school year being ideal

✔  We accept children to 6th – 9th grade according to current capacities.

✔  We will start with a discussion of parents and school management and a tour of the school premises, 

✔  This is followed by trial days of the student in the class (3-5 days).

✔  We will then evaluate the result and next steps together.

✔  In case of interest in transfer to GM, please email us on

✔ You can also call us on +420 605 448 017

Secondary tuition fees

Good accounts make good friends. Our tuition fee system has clear rules.


The annual tuition fee for the year 2023-24 is CZK 250.000 and is payable in two installments (June, January).


The reservation fee is CZK 15,000 and is deducted from the first installment.

Tuition is increased annually by the inflation of the previous calendar year according to official CSU data.


The tuition fee includes:


✔  Complete educational program in Czech, English and Spanish

✔  Fees for textbooks, notebooks and work materials

✔  Meals: morning snack and lunch, or the option of a diet lunch

✔  Excursions and day trips

✔  Accident insurance


Tuition does not include:


✖  Clubs, special tutoring or extracurricular activities

✖  Tours, excursions, residential events such as school in nature or exchange stays.

✖  Fees for any extracurricular language or other tests/exams



Our schedule allows children to deeply understand and remember what they learn

✔ Classes start daily at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.

✔ Every day we teach 4 blocks (3 x 1.5h and 1 x 1h) plus lunches and short breaks between blocks, a total of 20 teaching blocks per week

✔ Layout of blocks: 4 x integrated mathematics and physics (1.5 h each), 4 x Czech, 5 blocks of English and 4 blocks of a third language

✔ Remaining blocks – The world around us – an integrated subject including geography, biology, history, ethics, etc.

✔ We offer optional subjects – art education, chess, 3D printing

✔ We teach some subjects in campaigns, e.g. for 4-5 weeks we intensively focus on e.g. chemistry. Students learn faster and understand in context.

We take great care in preparing for further studies and entrance exams

 💡 We continuously talk with pupils and families about their further plans and ideas. We adapt the structure of education in 8th and 9th grade accordingly.


💡 Preparation for further studies can be time-consuming, so it occasionally takes place beyond the scope of standard teaching.


💡  We work with long-term goals, continuously support children in specific/talent competitions and prepare them for individual language certifications.


💡 We know our students very well, so we can provide qualified advice on choosing the next education so that their wishes are fulfilled and at the same time they make full use of their potential.


We are learning in beautiful surroundings of Prague 6 - Podbaba

We are located on the banks of our majestic Vltava river in a place with beautiful nature and amazing accessibility. There is a railway, of course buses and trams. You could also come by ferry or by boat. At the same time, this place provides us with rare opportunities for the realization of our visions and overall development.

We care about the facilities and take good care of our premises. Secondary is only a few minutes of walk or one bus station from Primary. Children are happy here. As well as everyone who has daily credit for it.

A unique team enables unique care and results

Our teachers are not only our friends but also our partners in the truest sense of the word. GM Secondary works as a startup model, where the teachers are an active part and build it together with us. It creates the very structure and brings the values that are needed as children grow and the world changes in their eyes. They are builders and bearers of knowledge that they are happy to share and pass on.


Here, too, we learn from experiences. We play with concepts, test them and change them on the fly if necessary. We can adapt and know what is important. Even at Secondary, we purposefully choose personalities who will stay with us for a long time through a complex process. They taught at top schools before joining us, according to them they are teaching at the best one right now. We count on them for other projects, for example, we want to open a four-year gymnasium with them, and we are proud that they, together with you, have the opportunity to find and develop the potential and talents of your children to the absolute maximum.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Global Minded!

Send us a message on to find out current free places.

Call our school office on +420 605 448 017 to schedule a personal meeting. 


You will find more about our school and philosophy here. 

You can read details about the organization of Global Minded on the page Practical info.